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3 Ft HDMI Cable with the latest HDMI High Speed features for HDTV

3 Ft HDMI Cable with the latest HDMI High Speed features for HDTV - Click to enlarge
3 Ft HDMI Cable with the latest HDMI High Speed features for HDTV

Item #: 3fthdtohdvi

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Price: $5.00

3 Foot 28 Gauge <a href="hdmicables.html"><a href="hdmicables.html">HDMI</a> Cable</a> - Designed for HDTV Demands!

If you have a Blu Ray, PS3, DVD, Cable Box or Satellite Receiver or another device outputting 1080p and want the very best look no further.
This cable is built to the very highest specifications This is a THICK 28 AWG Gauge HDMI Cable.

This is not the skinny 30 gauge AWG found on many name brand cables.

This cable will deliver High End demands at a fraction of the cost of the NAME Brand Cables

Why so think?-
Today's and Tomorrows devices are more demanding then ever. You need the Copper in the cable to be able to handle the growing demands of bandwidth.

Product information : Our HDMI cable incorporates HIGH - Definition Multimedia interface ( HDMI ) technology.
HDMI provides an interface between an audio / video source, such as set top box, DVD player, PVR, audio video receiver and or a HDTV digital television.

  • HDMI High Speed Rated Cable -ALL of Our cables support also adds supports data rates beyond 1080p, including Deep Color and all 3D formats of the new 1.4 specification )

  • All of our cables are Solid core Copper
  • We do not use Tinned Copper
  • We have 128 strands of shielding
  • We don't hide the gauge of our wire from you so you can compare and make an educated decision.
  • No games No shortcuts - We have quality cables!

    Features :
  • High Speed HDMI® Cable Compliant - Also fully backwards compatible to work with all previous versions
  • Category 2 High Speed Cable - tested to carry up to a 340MHz signal
  • Supports full 1080p + - The highest industry standard
  • Supports Deep Color over HDMI
  • High Speed Performance - The highest rating the industry has established
  • Ferrite Core - To ensure a clean and clear signal at point of entry and exit of the signal
  • 28 AWG wire - Needed to ensure you get the best picture at the higher resolutions
  • Oxygen Free Copper Vapor-Infused catalyst for improved Signal Transfer
  • Gold HDMI Connectors - Ensuring a clean clear connection
  • Transfer Rate of 10.2 Gbps
  • Full support for the New Blu-ray Disc players
  • Triple Layer Shielding - This is a very well constructed cable to ensure signal integrity
  • 19 Pin Connectors
  • Professional grade cable for transferring high-bandwidth, uncompressed digital video, multi-channel digital audio and control functions
  • Compatible with HDTV and HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) - the content scrambling standard for modern, advanced digital video displays and DVD players
  • Fully HDMI Certified and compliant - to provide highest level of signal quality
  • High Speed Bandwidth ready
  • High Speed HDMI® Cable Compliant cable provides you a path for the future Not only does it support all of the HDMI devices on the market today and that have been sold in the past, it also supports up to 1440p that is just starting to emerge in new products like Blu-ray disc players. With the FAST transfer rate of up to 10.2 Gigabytes per second. This will be a top of the line cable for a long time.
  • Buy with Confidence - We use the best quality heavy-duty cables to maximum signal transfer and minimize interference. All of our cables are manufactured to our specs in an ISO 14001:2004 facility

    Click Here for a chart to help you better understand your HDMI needs

    About Ferrite core: A ferrite bead is simply a hollow bead or cylinder made of ferrite. It slips over the cable when the cable is made. The bead is encased in plastic -- if you cut the plastic, all that you would find inside is a black metal cylinder.

    Why did we put it on these cables – We went to the added expense as we want our cables to work GREAT.. Not good but GREAT.
    The last thing you want is any interference on that new TV.
    HDTV's are great but they have a lot of things going on inside of them. HDTV's today basically have a mini computer running inside of them. Device hooking up to HDTV's are in the same realm. Cable boxes and Satellite boxes that are DVR’s have a hard drive in them and are processing just like a computer. All of theses products then because of this have its own oscillators which can be a source of interference. Another source of noise or interference can be the cables connecting the devices. Cables act as nice, long antennae for the signals they carry. The cables can also receive signals and transmit them into the case, where they cause problems. A ferrite bead has the property of eliminating the unwanted signals. Essentially, it "chokes" the RFI transmission at that point on the cable -- this is why you find the beads at the ends of the cables.

    We won't run now others sellers cables. Ask the other sellers the gauge of their cable. We proudly show it so you can make an educated decision. All we ask is that you look closely at others offers. We sell quality certified HDMI cables that you will be happy with.

    So many new products are hitting the market. How do you get them hooked up and operating with other products?
    No problem - we have the answers.

    Shipping - To anywhere in the United States. We ship FAST!

  • 3 Ft. High Speed HDMI® Cable Compliant - HDMI Certified
  • High Speed HDMI® Cable Compliant - Also fully backwards compatibly to work with all previous versions
  • Category 2 Cable - tested to carry High Speed signal
  • Supports full 1080p - The highest industry standard
  • 28 AWG wire - Needed to ensure you get the best picture at the higher resolutions

  • Cable Identification and Marking System Cable Identification and Marking System
    iMarker Cable Identification and Marking System - Includes Free Shipping
    iMarker System Includes:
  • 5 - iMarker Holders
  • 8 - Pre Printed Labels
  • 8 - Blank Labels
    $6.00     Sale Price: $3.00     

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